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Shining on the job

The Golden Phone Call. It’s the moment every job hunter waits for. Finally, your long and detailed journey has culminated in success. You’ve been offered a job. 

Handling first day jitters

Nearly every new employee is nervous on the first day of work. It’s natural. You’re starting a fresh career in an unfamiliar setting, and you naturally want to do well.

What employers are looking for

Who better to advise you what to do on your first days than people who have experience dealing with new employees?…

Be a class act on the job

As you settle into your new job, you will find that your workplace has it own particular dynamic. You may find that you click with your colleagues right away and that your boss is as approachable…

Finding your rhythm and balance

While it may be tempting to focus entirely on fitting into your new work environment, it’s important not to lose sight of your personal goals. Your new job…

Leave ’em smiling

Jobs are a lot like relationships. Sometimes, it just comes time to break it off. Perhaps your financial responsibilities have increased and you need a higher salary. Maybe your work environment has…

Blazing your own trail

The conventional job route isn’t for everyone. In today’s diverse economy, the nine-to-five corporate structure doesn’t always jive with…

Helping youth help themselves

One particularly noteworthy possibility for individuals between 18 and 34 years of age is the…

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