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Employers Want YOU
is an engaging, glossy
handbook packed with
hot tips and valuable
advice on finding the
job that's right for you,
landing the job, and
shining on the job.

Employers Want YOU is intended to be shared free of charge with jobseekers across Canada. Click here to see where you can pick up a print copy.

A project of the
Foundation and
Maplejobs Inc.'s
Employers Want YOU
(Online Handbook)

Editor's Letter
The Buzz
Scanning the Canadian job scene
Embracing diversity as strength
The Job Hunt
Assessing and planning
Oh where can my new job be?
No connections? No problem
Resumes and Cover Letters
Crafting the perfect resume
Should you self-identify?
Keeping your cover letter in check
What the career experts say
What to do after the interview
What the employers say
At Work
Shining on the job
Handling first day jitters
What employers are looking for
Be a class act on the job
Finding your rhythm and balance
Leave ’em smiling
Blazing your own trail
Helping youth help themselves
Thinking Up: Colombian immigrant Derly Valencia’s tale of woes and triumph in the job market
Dare to dream: Tara Weber’s first person account of overcoming obstacles
Employers who want you / Employment Equity Directory
Last Word
Obstacles are no match for a winning smile